About Us

Our Mission

Each student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society.

Our Vision

Every Student Future Ready:

  • Prepared for College
  • Prepared for the Global Workplace
  • Prepared for Personal Success

Emerson High School is unique in the Lake Washington School District for its small size and educational focus. The school accepts a maximum of 175 students in grades nine through twelve, which allows us to emphasize individual student learning styles and tailor educational opportunities to specific student goals. The focus of Emerson is to provide a unique educational program that helps students be the best people they can be academically, emotionally, and socially. Thus, Emerson provides a place that starts with the student and builds his or her ability to perform academically while shaping a positive view of self.

It is a school of choice, which is to say that no students are assigned to Emerson High School, the students apply, and they are all here because they want to be here. With the school’s unusual ability to provide high levels of one-on-one instruction, students are able to design their own learning programs, whether it is to pick up missed credits or forge ahead of regular classes and accelerate their education.

Emerson was formerly known as BEST, an acronym for Better Education for Students and Teachers. The results of the program have born out the advantages of the program for students who do not thrive in a more conventional school environment.