March 30, 2020               

Dear EMHS students and families,

The coming days and weeks feel quite unpredictable and we want you to know that we are here to support you. This is a very different time for all of us and we miss getting to see you at school every day. The disruption to our normal patterns and day to day life can be very stressful for students and families. This has become a critical time for both physical care and mental/self-care. Below the counselors of LWSD have gathered resources that can be accessed at this time. I will be sending out information throughout the closure – so please check your email often and email me with any questions that may come up during this time.  

If you or your student would like to contact me, please reach out via email and I will be in touch by phone or email

Wendy Simmons -


Linked here is a message from Crysta Cady – our YES Counselor. You can reach out to her for additional ongoing support for your student throughout this time. She has been working closely with many of our students this year and can provide ongoing counseling to students while we are out of the school building.

If you are having an immediate need, emergency, or urgent matter, please call:


Medical Emergencies/Police Intervention - 911

Community Support Services - 211

Teen Link Crisis Line – 206.461.4922

LifeWire (formerly Eastside Domestic Violence) – 425.746.1940

Emerson High School Counseling During the Closure