Responsibility for Attendance

Parents/legal guardians are responsible for school attendance.

If you want to excuse your student PRIOR to an intended absence, you may pre-arrange for the absence to be excused by calling the EMHS Attendance Line at 425-936-2306 or by emailing our Registrar, Sally Jenkins at You may also use the Pre-Arranged Absence Form (see below)

If you are excusing an absence which has ALREADY HAPPENED (within 48 hours of the absence):

  • Leave a phone message on the EMSH Attendace Line at 425-936-2306;
  • Send an email to our Registrar, Sally Jenkins at;
  • Respond to Parent Square attendance notification by leaving a note in Parent Square explaining the reason for the absence.

The parent/legal guardian must report the absence for all children living at home - no exceptions for children over age 18 unless they are NOT LIVING at home. Using the chart below and professional judgment, the school will determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for explaining the circumstances for the absence, NOT for determining whether the absence is excused or unexcused.

Definition of Absence Chart



  • Illness or medical emergency (in certain instances, a doctor’s note may be required to verify the absence)
  • Religious observance
  • Family emergencies
  • Pre-arranged medical and dental appointments
  • Counseling appointments
  • School-related field trips (special school programs, pre-arranged community service activities or school activities)
  • College visits
  • Required court proceedings

(court document required)

  • Family vacations (only if vacation policy is followed, which includes filling out a pre-arranged absence form)
  • Oversleeping, alarm clock not working
  • Traffic problems
  • Missing the bus
  • Staying home to do homework
  • Job training or work-related absences
  • Student providing childcare for younger siblings
  • Taking driver’s test
  • Shopping for prom dress
  • Taking pet to veterinarian


Late Arrivals/Tardies/Leaving Campus

Students arriving up to 10 minutes late will be marked tardy by the teacher. Students arriving after 10 minutes late will be marked absent (even though they will be in class). Students leaving campus during the day for appointments or illness need to sign out through the main office and a parent or guardian needs to call the attendance line within 24 hours with the reason for the absence.

Tardy/Absent Policy

When arriving late, go directly to class.

Enter the classroom quietly, take your seat, and do not interrupt.

If you’re more than 10 minutes late, you will be marked absent and an automated phone call will made home.

Students with excessive tardies will be placed on an attendance contract which may result in disciplinary consequences & probation.


Pre-arranged Absence Form

This form is required to be filled out and turned in before any pre-arranged absence.