School Safety

Emergency Preparedness for Emerson Campus Parents

Provided by the Emerson Campus Safety Committee

In the event of a campus emergency or area-wide disaster, the school district’s automated phone system will deliver a recorded message letting parents know what to do. If an emergency occurs that requires the school to close early, there are several places of information you should know that would assist in the dismissal of students. Review this information and share it with any person you have authorized to pick up your child in the event of an emergency.

It is very important that you follow the proper procedure in retrieving your child. The school has a detailed plan for releasing children. This plan will reunite you with your child as quickly as possible while still keeping track of where each child is, who has picked up each child, and the destination for the child upon leaving school grounds.

What you need to know in case of an emergency:

  • Be sure to bring your picture I.D. with you to the school.
  • Take a deep breath and be prepared to be patient. This is a big task. The staff will work as quickly as possible.
  • You will start in the line titled “Parent Check-In

1.While in this line, you will fill out a form titled “Student Release Form.”
2.When you make it to the front of this line, the person in charge will take your form, check your I.D., and verify that you are allowed to pick up the child you are requesting (based on who you listed on the yellow emergency form filled out at the beginning of the school year). You may only take someone else’s child if you are listed as an emergency contact on his/her form.
3.A runner will be sent to retrieve your child. You will be sent to the second line titled “Reunion Release.”

  • You will now need to wait in the second line. The runner is in the process of picking up your child from the student assembly area.

1.When your child arrives with the runner, the person in charge at the “Reunion Release” table will again check your I.D. You will then be asked to sign that you have been reunited with your child.
2.All the paperwork will remain with the staff at the school.
3.You may now leave with your child.


Other information to think about:

  • If this is a severe emergency, the school’s full “Incident Command System” will most likely be in place. We will need volunteers. If you can stay to help, please do so.
  • If you have arrived before the Parent Check-In/Reunion Release Staff has set up, please be patient. You may not leave with your K-5 child until you have gone through steps outlined above. Consider volunteering to help in the set up.
  • The parking lot will most likely be closed off to allow access only for emergency vehicles. If you live close, please walk to the school. If you need to drive, park on one of the close by streets.

Emergency Preparedness:

Are you Prepared at Home?

The staff at your school who make up the Emerson Campus Safety Committee help the school prepare for a potential disaster by gathering and maintaining the campus emergency supplies. Nothing is more important than everyone’s safety, whether at school, home, or work. That is why EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY!

Fall is a good time of year to reassess your at-home emergency plans, including replacing existing supplies and adding new ones. Disaster preparedness is an on-going process that can and should be incorporated into our daily lives. For example, you could purchase 1-2 disaster supplies each week when you are doing your grocery, drugstore, Costco, or other shopping.

Use these websites to get ideas and tips on how to prepare at home: – Sign up to receive e-mail alerts about school schedule changes.

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